Kiriba Sushi & Grill

Welcome to Kiriba Sushi & Grill! If you are looking for the best sushi in Seattle, look no further. At Kiriba, we offer a wide variety of sushi selections, as well as a long list of other traditional Japanese dishes. When you enter our inviting establishment in North Seattle’s Shoreline neighborhood, you will immediately be drawn to our remarkable selection of fresh fish at the sushi bar, and will enjoy courteous service from our friendly and efficient staff.

Indulge your desire for excellent Japanese food in Seattle with Kiriba’s extensive Japanese sushi menu. Whether you prefer sashimi, nigiri, or traditional rolls – or are looking specifically for non-raw sushi – you are sure to find your favorite among our selections. Featuring fresh seafood from local suppliers and other Pacific sources, our menu includes maguro, hamachi, and salmon sashimi, 18 varieties of nigiri, and over two dozen varieties of rolls, including hand-roll options.

Even if you are not a fan of raw seafood, Kiriba Sushi offers many dishes that will satisfy your desire for exceptional Japanese fare. Like many shoreline restaurants, we cater to all tastes, including offering 11 different ingredient options for those who prefer non-raw sushi or vegetarian alternatives.

Come experience our extensive selection of Seattle sushi at 323 North 145th Street in the vibrant Shoreline neighborhood. At Kiriba Sushi & Grill, our chefs take great pride in their handcrafted food art, and we are certain you will taste the difference. Whether you join us for lunch at the North Seattle sushi bar or for a more formal Seattle Japanese food experience for dinner, our mouthwatering dishes and exceptional service will keep you coming back for more.